How We’ll Never be Equal

We’ll never be equal.

Never in this life time will we be equal.

Rape and sexual assault will always be recognized as “Male assaulting Female”

and never “an individual assaulting another individual.”

We will never be equal

because no one dares to look at another at eye level.

We’ll never be equal.

Since early infancy it is drilled in our heads that Males and Females are at different leveled pedestals.

"Boys grow up to be Men

and Girls grow up to be Young Ladies.”

It is never:

"Boys grow up to be Young Gentlemen

and Girls grow up to be Women;

"Boys grow up to be Respectable Men and Girls grow up to be Respectable Women;

"Children will grow up to be the best they can be."

We will never be equal

because people choose to look away.

We’ll never be equal

because being “weak” is associated with

being feminine.

Because being “strong” is associated with

being masculine.

There is no such thing as

femininity and masculinity.

It is only an over-lasting trending ideal.

We will never be equal

until people stop going on tippy-toes and looked straight ahead

at eye level.

This is how

We’ll never be equal.

We All Thought We Were Done

    You thought I was done playing dress-up, I thought I was done painting my skin with a metal tipped brush.
    I see the way you look at me with disappointed eyes. You judge me with every piercing look. You tear away flesh as you say “why don’t you dress the way I dressed you as a child?”
    There is a reason I keep my suit and tie loose. It is because I do not need yet another constant reminder of the suffocating noose and body bag you have put on me.
    You put on airs that we are a perfect family when all we are are different pieces of broken mirrors that are held by dry mud. There was no such thing as the “——- family.”
    Every time I speak out my full name, I think, “I hope they have a better life than I have.” It is a label I would rather not have. It only makes this shell lose its only support.

Sea of Dreams

   There is always a dream that I keep having.  It never reveals itself at night; rather, it likes to make its presence known in daylight.

   I am lying on top of a vast place where water has dominated everything.  Nothing is in sight; just me and the water.  I feel it.  I feel it seeping into my cells, invading my veins; my blood is no more.

   I see myself slowly coming to life, as though it was blood that poisoned and murdered me.  I am no longer.

   The vast space is transparent; remnants of foreign reign decay.  Life is found.  A skeletal body walks upon me and stares at me.  Tears reveal flesh that is stained.

   I awaken from this trance and feel water.

   Sadness comes and no one knows of life.